Dinner Menu Using Chicken Crepes

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Your kids probably don't care about how upscale and fancy their chicken crepes are -- all they know is that they taste delicious. When you're putting together a light and tasty meal with crepes on the menu, make the meal pop with inspiration. Fill the crepes with kid-friendly chicken fillings and round out the meal with yummy accompaniments.

Chicken Filling

Keep the chicken filling simple, for best results. Because most kids don't appreciate gourmet ingredients, the more basic you make your chicken crepes the better chance they'll eat them. Skip fancy herbs like tarragon and ingredients like almonds or shallots. Instead, focus on the chicken, letting this flavor take center stage. Try roasting a couple chicken breasts and dicing up the meat into fine shreds. Add ingredients like parsley, diced green onion tops and shredded cheese. Mix in just enough salad dressing to get the ingredients to hold together.


Again, kids don't appreciate complex sauces so save yourself some time and money and make a simple sauce. Try ready-made creamed soups like cream of chicken or cheddar cheese, adding just enough milk to thin the soup into a sauce consistency. After you roll up the crepes with the filling inside, drizzle the simple sauce over the top for a tempting entree that will delight the whole family.

Side Dishes

Here's where you add some color to your meal. Round out the chicken crepes with a platter of raw vegetables and dip. Kids usually love crunchy vegetables for dipping like carrots, celery sticks, peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices and broccoli flowerets. Another possibility is a vegetable salad with a tasty ranch dressing drizzled over the top. Don't forget a fruit salad full of melon chunks and berries for even more color!


When the main meal was a hit and they ate it all up, pull out a plate full of cookies or brownies to end the dinner on a sweet note. Another idea is frozen yogurt with fruit toppings, if the kids like cold treats.