Different Positions to Wear a Scarf

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Wrap-style scarf accessories give you extra warmth during cool days and add a dash of color to your outfit. This square- or rectangle- shaped accessory is available in a myriad of solid colors, prints and textures. Wrapping the same scarf in different ways constantly reinvents the accessory. Because scarf styles have evolved -- ranging from infinity to extra-long length -- wrapping and folding methods vary. Separate your scarves by style and shape to master the different positions for your outfits.

1001 Wraps

Pashm is the Persian word for wool. In its woven form, these colorful and patterned scarves or shawls are referred to as Pashmina. Although these fine, cashmere wool neck scarves vary in length and shape -- taken from the Capra Hircus goat breed --, Pashminas are generally wide and long. Fold the finely-woven scarf in half and drape it around your neck -- the folded end drapes over one shoulder and the open ends drape over your other shoulder. Insert the open ends through the loop and pull to adjust around your neck. Wear the wrapped accessory loosely around your neckline or snugly tucked into the lapels of your blazer. You can also tuck it into your coat or parka for added warmth.

From Here to Scarf Eternity

Circular shaped scarves -- referred to as infinity, circle and eternity --, often cause styling trepidation for wearer's questioning how to wrap the endless neck accessory. If your never-ending scarf is long and wide, wrap it two or three times and pull it over your head. Separate one of the wraps to wear as a hoodie. As an alternative, slip your arms through the same scarf, holding out your arms so the scarf is taut. Pull it over your head and onto your backside. Adjust each loop to wear like a bolero.

Scarf Bundles of Joy

Give your T-shirts a fashion restyle wrapping your patterned scarf -- plaid, stripe or floral -- several times around your neck. This wrapped style creates a bundle-like accessory. Be mindful that if your scarf is made of heavyweight wool or cotton, the thickness can create a bit of bulk. Just loosen the wrap around your neck and tuck in the ends. You can also add a brooch to accessorize your scarf.

Channel Different Vibes

Wrap your sheer or lightweight scarves -- silk, georgette, chiffon and satin -- around your crown several times. Tuck in the ends for a turban-like head wrap and channel your inner bohemian. You can also twist it into a roll-like band. Just wrap the roll around your crown and self-tie the ends at the nape of your neck for a headband. As an alternative, wrap it around your wrist to wear with your bangles and large-face watch for a Tomboy look or around your cowboy boots for a western vibe.

One-of-a-Kind Designs

Create a sophisticated look wrapping a patterned, silk scarf around your belt. Cinch your leather belt around your dress or blazer. Wrap your scarf around the belt, leaving the ends to dangle loosely to create an original design around your waist. You can also recreate a Grecian-inspired look, draping a wide scarf over your shoulder wearing a shimmery dress for a one-of-a-kind design.