How to Detect Women's Infidelity

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Female infidelity is on the rise, according to Peggy Drexler, assistant professor of sociology at Weill Medical College of Cornell University. When the woman cheats, it often signals that the relationship is over and she’s looking for love and connection.


When a woman cheats, she spends more time away from home and her spouse. She might take a few days off when you think she is working, take more trips that she says are business and claim to be working long overtime hours at the office. She may decide to spend more time with girlfriends during off hours. If you check, there isn’t more money in her paycheck or receipts that she can turn in for reimbursement, according to Robert Huizenga, a marriage and family therapist writing for Woman’s Divorce.

Personal Appearance

A woman’s appearance can alert you to an affair. She may start working out at the gym more often or frequently dressing up and spending more time on her hair, makeup and clothes. She might quit wearing her wedding ring and other symbolic jewelry, such as the necklace you bought her for an anniversary. You might notice new clothes, lingerie you didn’t buy or a new fragrance.


Her interests could change, at home and outside the home. She may join a new class or group, pick a new favorite song or movie, suggest that you spend more time with your family or take separate vacations. She might decide she doesn’t enjoy attending sporting events with you or spending time with your family. She may lose interest in sex. She might also develop an interest in new sex positions or kinks that never appealed to her before.


Secrecy is a clear signpost of an affair, according to a article. She may keep her cell phone with her and turn the sound down so you aren’t alerted to incoming texts and calls. She may go out without telling you where she is going. She may create a new email or social media account to connect with her affair partner and password protect her phone -- or sleep with her phone and purse near the bed. She may talk to you less. You won’t see the bills for her cell phone and credit card. She may change the computer screen when you come into the room, turn the computer away from you or spend time on the computer after you go to bed. She could claim not to know how she got scratches, bruises and other body marks.