Cute V-Day Baking Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is a time to show affection to those you love, and a thoughtful gift is one way to show affection. Baking treats is a budget-friendly way to add a personal touch to your holiday present. It also gives you the freedom to create cute desserts that bring a smile to the recipient’s face. For the best results, always test and taste new recipes before sending them out as gifts.

Cupid Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a sweet way to say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day. Mix some red food coloring in with vanilla cupcake batter to create delicate pink cupcakes, or use red velvet batter for rich-tasting cupcakes. Try heart-shaped cupcake forms to up the cuteness factor. However you do it, cover each cupcake with a smooth layer of white frosting and pipe a red icing heart onto the top. Pipe an arrow going through each heart with pink icing.

Message Brownies

Rich chocolate and crunchy walnuts send a message in these cute Valentine’s Day brownies. Use finely chopped walnuts in the brownies so the top of the bars is smooth enough on which to write. Cut the cooled brownies into squares or heart shapes. Pipe messages onto the brownies with white or pink frosting. Make the messages cute and short, such as “Sweet on U,” “Luv U” and “Kiss Me.” Try to use a different message for each brownie.

Bold Heart Cookies

Mix mellow chocolate sugar cookies with brightly colored royal icing to create cheerful, whimsical heart cookies. Chill the cookie dough, roll it out and use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut the cookies. Cover the cooled cookies with brightly colored icing, such as hot pink and neon green. Make them cuter by adding multicolored sprinkles.

Sweetheart Cake

A heart-shaped cake form, or skill in cutting heart shapes from regular cake, is needed to create a cute sweetheart cake for Valentine’s Day. Bake a chocolate cake and let it cool, especially if you're carving the heart shape by hand. Mix bittersweet chocolate with some cream to create a mellow glaze or use milk chocolate for an extra-sweet glaze. Pour the glaze over the heart-shaped cake and let cool. Pipe the words “I Love You” -- or whatever message you'd like -- across the heart in pink icing. Garnish with a few rose petals or fresh raspberries.

Love Bug Cookies

Use homemade cookie balls and frosting to create an edible “love bug.” Bake any ball cookie with coconut, such as rum balls. Lightly frost the cooled cookie with red or pink frosting. Roll the frosted cookie in shredded coconut to give it a “furry” look. Use pink or red frosting to pipe two eyes and a smiling mouth onto each cookie. Vary the expressions on each cookie slightly by changing the mouth shape. For example, use a squiggly line for a silly mouth or a heart-shape for a sweet mouth. Stick small pretzel sticks into the cookie to give the cute character arms and legs.