How to Create a Picture Memorial

Kelly Fleming

Losing a loved one is a very hard thing to deal with. Creating a Picture Memorial is something that will help you remember all of the good times you and your family shared with him. Using your own pictures you can put your favorite memories up. This is a great project for the kids to help out on also.

How to Create a Picture Memorial

Find pictures that you want to use with your loved one in them. Measure the different pictures and cut them out. You will need to make sure that you have enough room for the pictures to fit properly on the poster board. If the pictures are really important to you make copies before you begin.

Write a personal message on the poster board. This should be done by everyone who is working on this project. This is great for kids to do also it will give them the opportunity to say something special to their loved one.

Cut the poster board to fit inside of the frame. Try to make this as even as possible. When that is done use the glue stick and start gluing the pictures in the memorial. You can make them straight or you can zig zag them just do whatever makes you happy. When this is finished outline all of the pictures with black marker.

Glue the empty spaces that you have in between the pictures. Once you have done this take some loose glitter. You can pick any color you want. Usually a silver or light color works best. Lightly sprinkle the glitter where you put the glue. When this is done blow the excess away.

Put the frame back together after the glue dries. If your loved one liked flowers or she had small things that were special to her, you can glue the mementos to the outside of the picture frame. If you are using the right glue the mementos will hold.