Community Outreach Ideas for Churches

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One purpose of the church is to serve its community's spiritual and emotional needs through various methods of outreach. When a church pools its resources to help its community, this reduces the community's dependence on government social programs, which are subject to change or being eliminated due to budget cuts. Before starting an outreach activity, it's important to determine your community's needs. You can do this through discussions with congregants and community leaders.

School Supplies Giveaway

Have a neighborhood giveaway of school supplies during the summer for families who aren't able to afford them due to financial difficulties. Ask your church members to donate supplies in the weeks leading up to the drive, and also contact local stores and inquire about getting donations for the giveaway. During the drive, you can also offer some brochures from local nonprofit organizations that pertain to free health screenings for children, and offer tutoring and counseling for families.

After-School Tutoring

Start an after-school tutoring program where the children in your neighborhood can come and get help for the academic subjects they're struggling in. When interviewing potential tutors, you want to find out how knowledgeable they are in areas such as math, English, foreign languages and science. You should also seek grants from local nonprofit organizations, which give funds for the purpose of educational outreach efforts so you'll have enough resources for the tutors.

Food Drive for Senior Citizens

If there is a need in your community for outreach toward senior citizens, you can hold a neighborhood food drive twice a month where church members and your community residents donate non-perishable food items for you to deliver to senior citizens in your neighborhood. You can promote this drive by taking some flyers to libraries, schools, local community events, hospitals and other churches in your area.

Weekend Mentoring Activity

If you're interested in helping young people in your neighborhood, you hold a weekend mentoring activity every Saturday morning or afternoon in which adult church members participate in various activities both on and off church grounds with the youth. During your church services, ask church members to invite their relatives, friends and neighbors to attend these activities on the weekend and also seek out suggestions for where the mentors can take the young people during these activities.