How to Clean Your Feet and Nails

Martin Schalk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whether the temps are warm and you're prepping for sandals or if winter has wrecked your feet and you want to keep them fresh and comfortable even during days of confinement in heavy socks and boots, you've got some easy options. Consider the issues at hand -- or foot -- and choose the appropriate products for squeaky clean feet and well-groomed toenails.

Step 1

Soak your feet with a foot soak to soften the skin and get them nice and clean. Look for a soak made to soothe tired feet and add moisture to prep them for more grooming.

Step 2

Rub your feet down in the bathtub or shower -- carefully, of course -- with an exfoliating foot scrub. Rub gently, massaging your entire foot to remove dead skin on the tops and soles of your feet as well as around your toenails.

Step 3

Remove calluses and extremely dry skin by filing them down with a foot file. Choose a file made of stone for gentle exfoliation or diamond dust for quick, more powerful removal. Soak feet first if you use a stone file to prep them for comfortable sloughing.

Step 4

Clip your toenails once your feet are clean and polished. Select a toenail clipper made for thick nails if you have toenails that are difficult to cut with a normal clipper. Otherwise, reach for a standard set of clippers made of stainless steel -- choose clippers made to work for left- or right-handed use.