Cheap Homemade Anniversary Gifts

Rolf Bruderer/Blend Images/Getty Images

Homemade anniversary gifts are not only helpful in cutting down on expenses but can also convey a sense of care and affection for the recipient that store-bought gifts often lack. These gifts may be given by partners to one another, by children to their parents or by friends to the celebratory couple.

Food Gifts

Surprise your partner with a bacon bouquet, in which strips of bacon are rolled up and placed onto the end of plastic rose stems. Serve alphabet soup in which the letters spell out words of affection, and follow it up with a box of chocolates containing the same number of chocolates as the number of years you’ve been together. Wrap each chocolate with a note listing one unique thing that you love about the other person.

Mementoes of the Relationship

Create an “I love you” memento book from a deck of playing cards by inserting strips of tape onto the middle of each card and writing on the tape one thing that you love about the other person. Punch holes in the sides of the cards and place binder rings through them. Make a key box by gathering the keys to all the places where you’ve lived throughout your relationship, including the separate residences where you were living when you first met. Label the keys with notes explaining to which places they belong and place them inside a frame or shadow box.

From Children to Parents

A bicycle wheel photo album is a sentimental gift that children might give to their parents for an anniversary. Collect pictures of the family from throughout their relationship. Use wooden clips to fix them to the spokes of a polished bicycle wheel. If you can manage to find it, use spokes from the wheels of your first bicycle. Make a framed poster board showing pictures of all the states or countries in which your parents have lived since falling in love, indicating through symbols such as a heart or star the precise location where they lived.

From Others to the Couple

Purchase a vintage map of America or another region of the world where the couple is thinking of traveling. Place the map in a frame and provide them with a set of push-pins to record all the places they travel. Collect recipes from every friend and relative of the couple or everyone who lives in the neighborhood and create a cookbook. Within the cookbook include 12 vouchers, each of which is a promise that once each month during the year, one or more of the book’s contributors will come over and prepare a meal for the couple.