How Can I Tell if My Boyfriend Is Going to Propose Soon?

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As relationships go on, some women grow anxious while considering how much longer it may be before their boyfriends propose. Though each man differs and reading your boyfriend's mind is impossible, there are signs that may suggest he is preparing to pop the question. Keeping a lookout, and keeping the lines of communication with your boyfriend open, may ease some of your anxieties and give you insight into when he might propose.

Life Circumstances

Marriage can mean a big life change, and many men feel the need to walk into the commitment prepared. If your boyfriend is interested in securing a stable job and has finished his education, he may be getting ready to settle down. The same holds true if he's watching his spending and putting aside vacations and outings with his friends. When a proposal is near, your partner may be more interested in a domestic lifestyle. Perhaps he will start considering your input when it comes to decorating his space.


His distant and odd behavior may have more to do with you than you realize. If your other half seems preoccupied and distant, he may be nervous about the impending proposal, according to a post on the Wedding Stand website. Changes in a formerly predictable schedule or insistence that you do an unusual activity may also mean that the proposal is imminent, according to the article "Marriage Proposals: 7 Signs He's About to Propose" in "The Knot." A willingness to talk about the future -- where you will purchase a house or what you will name your kids, for instance -- can also mean he's thinking of a wedding.

Friends and Family

If family outings involve whispers from family members and friends about marriage, it may mean that your boyfriend has discussed the issue with them. A boyfriend who suddenly schedules more one-on-one time with members of your family may also be looking for their approval before an engagement, according to Wedding Stand. If your boyfriend is eager to have your families meet, he may be thinking of a future with you.

Additional Information

You may see several signs that a proposal is imminent yet find that it does not surface in the time frame you expect. A boyfriend who avoids discussions about weddings, marriage or the future may be less likely to propose, according to Bree Maresca-Kramer in a 2012 article published by "The Huffington Post." He may also claim that he has too much going on to focus on a wedding, or he may have a different excuse as to why he will not propose whenever you talk about it. Explaining your hopes and expectations for the relationship in a direct way could prove fruitful in determining whether he will propose.