How Can I Get Brie to the Right Temperature for Serving Quickly?

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A little bit of planning is all you need to quickly serve Brie at the correct temperature. Commonly sold in a wheel mold, Brie is a soft, ripened cheese that combines a creamy, yellow interior with an edible waxy-white rind. Serve Brie at room temperature to release the full flavor of this cheese. Eat Brie with or without the rind, as an appetizer or as a meal on its own. The earthy flavor of this cheese pairs well with artisan breads, crackers, croissants and fresh and dried fruits.

Step 1

Take the Brie out of the refrigerator approximately 30 minutes before serving. Unwrap it and set the Brie on a plate to soften to room temperature.

Step 2

Cut the Brie to check whether it has softened. Fill a wide-brimmed bowl with hot water. Dip a cheese knife in the bowl and take it out. This will warm the knife and prevent the cheese from sticking to it. Wipe the knife dry with a tea towel. Thinly slice the Brie, applying gentle pressure on the knife moving it from the rim toward the center. If the Brie still requires softening, let it stand for an additional five minutes or until the center gains a creamy, semi-solid texture.

Step 3

Cover the softened Brie loosely with plastic wrap or a damp tea towel until you’re ready to serve it.