Can a Bridesmaid Be Married?

Bridesmaids are the wonderful friends that stand up with you at your wedding and support you through the months leading up to your wedding.


A bride and her bridesmaids, while they may go through some stressful moments in wedding planning, will create a lasting bond much stronger than it was before the wedding.


When picking bridesmaids your maid of honor should be your best single friend, while your matron of honor - if you choose to have one - will be your best married friend. As for the other bridesmaids, etiquette does not require that they be unmarried. A bridal party made up of both married and single friends will give you many different perspectives about weddings, marriage and life in general. For example, a single friend may push you to do something really extravagant for the wedding, while a married friend will have the experience to say that certain extras may not be worth the expense.


When choosing a married bridesmaid, be sure to make sure that you take into account her family situation, since being a bridesmaid will be a time commitment as well as a financial commitment.


If your married friend is willing to be a bridesmaid, it will be a great benefit to not only your wedding planning but to your upcoming marriage as well.

Expert Insight

During the planning for your wedding, a married bridesmaid will be someone you can bounce ideas of off about marriage, not just weddings. A married bridesmaid will be able to give you tips about the adjustments that come with being married, dealing with tricky in-law situations, and making it through that dreaded seating chart without putting feuding relatives together. She also will be able to help you understand the stresses your fiancé is going through and be able to help you keep your relationship off the rocks as you plan for your big day.


As you embark on married life, a married friend who is close enough to be chosen as your bridesmaid will be a person you can turn to when that first year of marriage doesn’t turn out to be the complete bliss that you thought it was going to be.