How to Calculate Your Native American Percentage

by Michael Morris

Knowing the percentage of Native American blood in your genes can open a few doors. If you have a sufficient amount of Native American ancestry, you may be eligible to officially join an Indian tribe or nation, and you may qualify for certain scholarships or other programs. Even if these aren't your goals, simply knowing the degree of your Native American heritage will shed some light on your family tree and may help you feel more connected to your ancestors.

Find out which of your relatives was a full blooded Indian or 100% Native American. This is your starting point. Once you have found the person for the starting point, you are ready to begin calculating.

Cut the percentage in half for each generation between yourself and your full-blooded Native American ancestor. For an example, if your great-great-grandfather was a full-blooded Indian, dividing the 100% in half for each generation gives you: Great-great-grandfather = 100% (1) Great-grandfather = 50% (1/2) Grandfather = 25% (1/4) Father = 12.5% (1/8) You = 6.25% (1/16)

If the ancestor you are using as a starting point was married to a person who was also 100% Native American, then their child would also be 100% Native American. In this case, don't begin cutting the percentage in half until the next generation.


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