How to Teach a Children's Bible Lesson About Giving

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The Bible states in 2 Corinthians 9:7 that, "...God loves a cheerful giver." The Bible is full of examples and instructions related to giving. Childhood is the best time to start teaching the principle of being charitable. You can effectively teach a children's Bible lesson about giving if you make the topic realistic and interesting to your young students. Mix up your lesson with verbal, visual and hands-on instruction to keep your listeners involved.

Choose a passage in the Bible that illustrates the principle of giving. One example is the story of the widow who gave her last bit of money. This story is presented in Mark 12 and in Luke 21.

Distribute paper money to your students. If you have younger students, give each child one-dollar bills. You can use larger bills with older students. The amount for each student is up to you. Give each child the same amount.

Ask your students to count their money. Then ask the children to write down two to three ways they would like to spend this money if it were real.

Read the story of the widow in Mark 12 or Luke 21. Talk about why the widow's gift was significant. Other people gave more money, but she made more of a sacrifice because she had very little to give. Explain that it doesn't matter how much money you have or how talented you are. The main point is that you share what you have when others are in need.

Ask your students to re-examine their pretend money and spending plans. Ask the children to think of one way to spend at least part of their money in a way that would help others. Talk about ways that you can give to others without using money. Examples include visiting someone who is sick, helping a younger sibling or using a talent such as playing a musical instrument to bring joy to others.