Butter Pound Cake Recipe


0:05 hi I'm 2d Wilson from two delicious calm

0:08 and today I'm going to teach you how to

0:10 make a butter pound cake let's get

0:12 started the ingredients we'll be using

0:14 are three cups of sugar three cups of

0:16 flour one cup of butter 1 teaspoon of

0:19 baking soda six eggs half a teaspoon of

0:22 vanilla extract a half a teaspoon of

0:25 salt then we have half a cup of sour

0:27 cream or softened cream cheese you can

0:30 also use applesauce unsweetened is what

0:32 I prefer and if you decide to use this

0:34 option just use a half a cup in the

0:36 mixture will mix the butter pound cake

0:38 so special as we add an extra half stick

0:40 of butter and we add an extra teaspoon

0:42 of the butter extract to give it that

0:44 extra buttery flavor the next thing

0:47 we'll do is preheat the oven to 350

0:50 degrees first we'll cream the butter and

0:52 sugar next we'll add in the eggs one at

0:56 a time and will continue to beat that

1:01 mixture until all the eggs are added

1:03 once all the eggs are added you slowly

1:06 add in the flour about a half a cup at a

1:08 time then you add in the sour cream the

1:14 applesauce the baking soda the vanilla

1:17 extract and the salt while beating the

1:20 mixture on the low speed add your extra

1:22 stick of butter now let's add a teaspoon

1:24 of butter extract for that extra buttery

1:26 taste so now we're ready to bake our

1:29 cave so we're going to bake the cake for

1:32 about an hour and ten to fifteen minutes

1:34 or until you can stick a toothpick

1:36 inside the center and if it comes out

1:38 clean then that means your cake is doing

1:40 so there you go that's how you make a

1:43 butter pound cake