Breakfast Made With Rice

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Rice, naturally low in calories and fat, makes an excellent base for a nutritious, well-balanced breakfast your kids will love. Enriched white rice and whole-grain brown rice blend easily with the tastes of other ingredients, but when prepared creatively, rice also makes a tasty, non-allergenic and cholesterol-free breakfast option on its own.

Savory Rice Bowls

A rice bowl combines a layer of rice with layers of vegetables and protein, creating a colorful, well-balanced blend of ingredients capable of providing your child with a sufficient amount of energy to start the day. A savory breakfast bowl starts with enriched white or brown rice. Diced tomatoes work well for most palates, or include bell peppers and green onions for a southwestern flair. Add cooked scrambled eggs or crumbled sausage for your protein. A little shredded cheese serves as a tasty garnish while providing a serving of dairy.

Sweet Rice Bowls

If your child has a sweet-tooth, prepare a sweeter version of the rice bowl that provides the same well-balanced breakfast nutrition found in a savory version. Cooking the rice in apple juice infuses it with natural sweetness. Instead of vegetables, add in pieces of fruit such as diced apples or raisins. Use unsalted nuts, like walnuts or a mixed blend, for the protein level. Adding a small amount of cinnamon-sugar as a garnish can further convince your kids to see it as a sweet treat.

Rice Porridge

Rice porridge has a thick, creamy consistency similar to a hot breakfast cereal. The most basic rice porridge recipes use white rice and a large amount of water -- anywhere from 8 to 13 cups of water per cup of rice. Simmer the rice and water together, either on the stovetop or inside a rice cooker, until the mixture reaches a thickened, soup-like consistency. The process can take 45 minutes or longer. For a sweet twist, use apple juice or rice milk instead of water.

Rice Balls

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If you need an on-the-go breakfast, make a batch of Japanese-inspired rice balls the night before, refrigerate and serve to your kids the following morning. Cook a few servings of long-grain white rice. Allow the rice to cool for several minutes before scooping together handfuls. Gently pat these handfuls together into solid balls or rounded triangles. Toasting the rice balls in a 400 F oven for 20 minutes creates a light crust that often helps keep them together overnight.

Cooked Eggs and Rice

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Cook your eggs and rice together for a breakfast option packed with grain and protein. Scramble a few eggs and add in a serving of pre-cooked white or brown rice just prior to finishing. Add other ingredients, from cheese to ham to herbs, according to taste. Alternatively, create a variation of a Japanese dish known as omurice. Cook the eggs as a round omelet. Just before the omelet finishes cooking, add a mound of pre-cooked rice in the center and carefully fold the omelet in half over it. Use standard boiled rice or fried rice with pieces of meat and vegetables.