How to Break Up With a Guy Who Plays Games

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Men who play games may try to tug at your heart strings, coax you into remaining in a relationship or cheat on you behind your back. If your boyfriend plays games in your relationship, he will likely play games during your breakup. You can avoid his games by staying a step ahead of him, sticking to your guns and redirecting his childish behavior.

Create a Breakup Plan

Decide how you will break up with your boyfriend, including how, where and when you will break up with him. Prepare what you want to say to your boyfriend and how you will respond to his usual tricks. If your boyfriend has talked you out of breaking up with him in the past, you may want to consider breaking up with him through a letter or email.

Rise Above His Games

Your boyfriend may beg you to stay, claiming that he can change if given a chance. Although many men may change if given time, remind him that the best predictor of his future behavior is his past behavior. Your boyfriend may call you names or act in a hurtful manner to shame you into staying with him. Avoid calling your boyfriend names and fighting back with him in retaliation if he starts this game. Stick to your breakup plan and tell him that you are breaking up.

Don't Take No for an Answer

For your relationship to be successful, both you and your boyfriend need to be in it together. If you have reached the breaking point and no longer want to be in a relationship with your boyfriend, don't allow him to talk you out of your decision. Despite his begging and pleading, don't let your boyfriend tell you "No" when you break up with him.

Call for Backup

There's no shame in asking for help when breaking up with your boyfriend. Whether you call your dad or your brother or enlist the help of some friends, having someone nearby during your breakup may prevent your boyfriend from causing a commotion, while also giving you a way to get away from your ex after breaking up with him.

Cut Him Off

In today's world, it is very easy to remain connected to your exes. Block his number, set his texts to be automatically deleted and set your Facebook profile to private to avoid having him stalk you or try to get in touch with you. Let your friends in on your breakup so that they can decide if they will also do the same to prevent him from contacting them as well.