How to Get Bouncy Curls Without Heat or Curlers

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Big bouncy curls are a sexy look that never goes out of style, but heat-curling can be punishing for your hair, and foam-roller curling sets are uncomfortable and expensive. If you are committed to rocking curls without heat or foam rollers, a rag-roll technique can give you the look you crave. Using the rag-curl method is quicker and easier than spending time in front of your bathroom mirror with a curling iron. With a little practice you can wake up each morning with the full, bouncy curls you were dreaming of.

Step 1

Wash and towel dry your hair as you normally would. Rake a golf-ball-sized amount of mousse through your damp hair.

Step 2

Scrunch and tousle your hair while you blast it with the blow dryer. Continue until your hair is 90 percent dry.

Step 3

Take one piece of cloth in one hand, and a 1-inch section of hair in the other. Slide your fingers down to the tips of your hair, then wrap the hair around the cloth in a rolling motion working upward toward your scalp.

Step 4

Once you have rolled all the way up to your scalp tie the cloth in a tight knot around the rolled hair. Continue working around your head until all of your hair is tied up in cloth strips.

Step 5

Leave your hair in the rolls for at least 4 hours. For best results, leave them in over night.

Step 6

Untie the strips of cloth, letting the curls down one at a time. Run your fingers through your hair to gently break up the curls

Step 7

Mist all of your hair with a light coat of finishing spray.