Best Over-the-Counter Wrinkle Cream


0:00 Hi, I'm Keeley Selvage with Keeley's Skin Solutions. I've been a clinical aesthetician for over half a decade, and I'm going to talk to you about what the best anti-wrinkle cream over the counter is. Now over the counter products are going to be less strong than products that you would get, of course, by prescription. The amount of active ingredients is something that you really want to pay attention to. Usually they can only use up to two percent active ingredients. So if you're looking for a face lift in a bottle, it's not going to happen with over the counter products, but you can see some improvement. Now the best one that I've seen, through research, is called Dermatage. Now this one is known to actually give some lift to the skin and refine some of the tone and texture also in the skin, which is what we're looking for when we're looking for something anti-aging. Results have been seen in as little as forty-eight hours. So that's a really quick period of time. You can get that bottle and look good by Saturday night. So, that one runs about ninety dollars, so it can be pretty pricey, but it's worth it if you want to look younger. Now also, over the counter, but you would get it at a medical facility, but not by prescription, is a product called Biopel Exfoliating gel. This one's a little bit cheaper. It's going to run you about sixty-three dollars, and it's excellent for exfoliation and also restoring the moisture factor to your skin. This is the exfoliating gel, it's called AFA and it has acidified amino acids in it and that means that they have a very gentle delivery, yet they're very effective.My name is Keeley Selvage with Keeley's Skin Solutions and that is the best over the counter wrinkle cream.