How to Become Popular in Five Days

You don't have to be beautiful, rich or athletic to be popular. Oftentimes this can help you to be popular, but you can develop your own individuality and use it to gain popularity. Sometimes changing some tiny factor like the way you apply makeup or style your hair results in an immediate social change. Read on to learn how to become popular in five days.

Stop talking and start listening. To be popular, you need to focus on others rather than focusing on yourself. Listen for five days straight and watch your popularity increase by the end of the week.

Know someone famous and have that person come to visit. Make sure you let it slip five days before the celebrity arrives. People that seemed like they didn't know your name quickly become your best friend when you have something they want.

Make the winning point for a big game. Games between school rivals or championship games create the most buzz for schools. In the corporate world, lock in a high profile client or seal the deal to be popular. Popularity from this occurs overnight and grows as more and more people learn of your success.

Date one of the popular kids at school. The movie "Can't Buy Me Love" depicts how a nerd pays a popular girl to date him so he can be popular. It works in the movie and in real life dating someone popular can make you popular in five days.

Have a positive attitude. Go one week without complaining and you should be more popular by Friday. You don't have to be a cheerleader to encourage someone. Find something nice to say about every person you meet and be sincere when you say it.

Do something cool like toilet paper the principal's house or prank a teacher and let it slip that you did it. Or get tickets to a sold out event and let people know you have an extra ticket. You'll be popular before the week ends.