Beards in the '80s

Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

According to 80's XChange, the 1980s weren't a time in which people were known for their beards and facial hair. While facial hair was trending downward, things like Ray-Ban sunglasses and ear piercing were on the upswing. However, those who did grow facial hair during this period, did so to maximum potential in terms of getting noticed. In some cases, beards from this time period set trends.

Sports-Inspired Beards

One popular sports-inspired beard, which continues to exist today, is the hockey playoff beard. According to Fire the Cannon, this tradition was started by members of the NHL's New York Islanders in the '80s. The playoff beard is a simple concept. When a hockey team makes the playoffs, members of the team stop shaving until they've either been eliminated or they bring home a championship. The Islanders won four Stanley Cups in the '80s, so the tradition became a good luck charm of sorts around the league.

Full Beards

Some notable beards in the '80s were grown by musicians. None may be more recognizable than the signature beards displayed by members of the rock band ZZ Top. Although ZZ Top was a band as far back as the late '60s, they didn't gain mainstream fame until the 1983 release of "Eliminator." The band became instantly recognizable due to its members' chest-length beards, which inspired many ZZ Top fans to grow full beards of their own.

Beards With Attitude

Actor Mr. T combined facial hair with attitude during his rise to mainstream popularity with his roles in Rocky III and as a cast member of The A-Team television show in the '80s. Unlike other beard styles, Mr. T's involved cutting his hair so the beard stands out. Specifically, his head was completely shaved from the point just above his ears, minus a mohawk. His look was all about attitude and toughness.

Five O'clock Shadows

The five o'clock shadow isn't a full beard by any means, but it's the stubble of facial hair that's typically visible late in the day on men who shaved their faces that morning. Some women even find it sexy, as it makes the man look more rugged. The style is best pulled off by men with darker hair. It gained popularity as the look of singer/songwriter George Michael in the '80s.