How to Be Romantic in Bed

Don't leave romance at the bedroom's edge. Instead, bring it to the bed. Use it to draw in a lover and keep them captivated, creating some lasting moments and taking a relationship to new levels.

Step 1

Romance starts with being relaxed. Tension in the bedroom can destroy any moment, regardless of environment or words. Make sure that the partner is comfortable. Avoid sounding demanding or taking things too quickly or too far. Talk about needs or wants before entering the bedroom, eliminating the unknown and creating a relaxed environment.

Step 2

Try something new and mix things up. For the couples in long lasting relationships, the tendency can be for the bedroom to become repetitive and boring. Break out some sexy clothing, do a little role playing or experiment with items such as chocolate syrup or feathers to break up the routine. Trying something new or different is exciting and exciting can be extremely romantic.

Step 3

Set an environment that sweeps you away to another place or time. Light candles and turn on some soft romantic music, such as Miles Davis or Barry White. Change the sheets, replace the old white cotton sheets with red satin sheets. Also, sprinkle the bed with rose pedals. All of these will transform the bed into a romantic getaway.

Step 4

Avoid the animalistic drive to rip off clothing and jump in bed. Spend some time holding each other, perhaps even slowly caressing each other while looking deep into each others eyes. Take it slow, touching, feeling, looking and simply stimulating all the senses.

Step 5

Turn a regular Saturday night into a wedding night all over again. Find someone to take the kids, if kids are involved and transform the house into a couples only palace. Eliminate all the distractions of life such as television, cell phone, computer or video games. Try to duplicate everything about that wedding night, including clothing if possible. Play the song that was played for the first dance at the wedding, purchase a cake and break out the champagne.