How to Be a Black Sheep

A black sheep is someone that doesn't fit in with the rest of the group either because they have a different system of beliefs or they just don't want to be like everybody else. The term black sheep is often used to describe a family member that is completely different than everybody else. Follow these steps if you want to learn how to be a black sheep.

Remember that the black sheep often suffers greatly for their differences. They feel isolated and unloved. You can be an individual in you family and circle of friends without being a black sheep. Make sure that you want to completely isolate yourself before you try to be a black sheep.

Find something that your group feels strongly about and start an argument about it. Politics or religion is usually something people have strong beliefs about, so it's always a good idea to disagree with their view point on those subjects. Arguing on sensitive subjects will make you an outcast very quickly.

Look different than everybody else. If you make yourself look different from the group you are more likely to become an outcast. Much like the black sheep born in a litter of white sheep, the more outrageous that you look the quicker you will become the black sheep.

Disobey rules at home. The quickest way to be the black sheep in your family is to be the rebel. This is easier if you come from a family with very strict rules, you can just break minor rules and look very rebellious. Having different values than your family will isolate you very quickly.

Develop an unusual hobby or interest that most people in your family or circle of friends don't understand. Being artistic or into unusual poetry is a good choice. Having an unusual interest will help you look mysterious.

Isolate yourself completely from your friends or family. The black sheep of the family is usually the family member that only spends time with the family on holidays or at reunions.