How to Attract a Waitress

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The object of your affections – a waitress – is beautiful, courteous and reliable when it comes to making the best entrée recommendations. If you frequent a restaurant just to see her, at times you may be thoroughly convinced she’s flirting with you, while others you assume she is simply providing you with polite, efficient customer service. While this beautiful waitress may have several admirers, you'll be able to attract her to you by using a few simple yet effective tools.


Good conversation is vital when trying to attract a waitress. Whether you are meeting a waitress for the first time or are a returning customer, you have a good chance at attracting her if you can hold a thoughtful, engaging conversation. If you find her stunning – so much so she leaves you speechless or babbling – you may find it intimidating to strike up a conversation with her. This is relatively common, notes doctor of social and personality psychology Jeremy Nicholson, writing in “Psychology Today.” Nicholson suggests you try to break the ice by asking a question or making a statement. After she’s taken your order, ask her to tell you about her favorite, must-see attraction in the area or compliment her on her ability to handle multiple guests with ease. Once you’ve initiated conversation, hold her attention by showing curiosity in topics she discusses and offering thoughtful, intelligent responses.

Be Flirtatious

There are several different reasons why people flirt, notes College of Communication at DePaul University faculty member Sean M. Horan, Ph.D., writing for "Psychology Today," such as flirting to get something from someone or flirting in order to boost one’s self-esteem. Horan notes that the most common reason people flirt, however, is for relational reasons -- or to build potential romantic relationships. Make intense yet seductive eye contact with your waitress as a way to flirt with her. During conversations, wink at her and flash a wide smile often to show interest. If your waitress is within close proximity, subtly touch her hand or shoulder while conveying a message. Don’t overdue making physical contact. The idea is to attract your waitress – not make her uncomfortable.

Make Her Laugh

Humor can take the stress and anxiety out of attempting to attract a waitress while simultaneously drawing her closer to you through your clever use of wit and flirtatious banter. If being funny doesn’t come naturally to you, don't worry. Research a few jokes and memorize them to share with your waitress. If you are generally a funny guy, allow your humor to flow comfortably and avoid trying too hard to make her laugh – this could get awkward if one of your jokes doesn’t go over well. As serving guests is often a stressful undertaking, you can delight her with laughter every time she comes to your table.

Be a Generous Tipper

Let’s face it: your waitress has a job to do and is paid primarily through tips left by restaurant guests. Considering you were going to leave her a tip anyway, why not crank up your tipping percentage a few notches as a way to show appreciation for her service, time spent interacting with you and – of course – her beauty. A generous tip – coupled with thoughtful, intellectual and humorous conversation – is likely to attract your waitress to you. If you typically leave a 15 to 18 percent tip for servers, consider leaving your waitress a 20, 25 or even 30 percent tip as an act of generosity.