How to Attract an Ex-Boyfriend

A break up is a stressful and challenging time for anyone, especially if you're still in love with your ex. You may decide this is what's best for both of you, and that you should move on, or you may realize you want them back. Is it too late? Not always. Though it's challenging and difficult, if the relationship is a good one, you can get your ex back. Here are some ways to do just that.

How to Attract an Ex-Boyfriend

First, you must obey this rule above all others: do not make any contact with your ex. This will be one of the hardest things to do, especially since you want nothing more than to tell that person how much you want them back. Do not do this. They will only think that they can have you whenever they want you, and they'll either be driven away or lose interest. You must play hard to get. Just don't over do it. The best rule to follow is not to speak unless they speak to you first. If they start a conversation, fine, but keep it simple. Answer thir questions politely but don't seem too into it. If they are constantly talking to you don't be afraid to excuse yourself and stop the conversation. This will make them wonder why you're not chasing after them, and they'll want you even more.Remember not to seem too cold either. Don't always shun them, and every now and then it's good to laugh with them, or look them in the eyes. This helps establish an emotional connection again without creating tension. Pretend that you are becoming friends for the first time. You wouldn't stalk a new friend, so don't stalk your ex-boyfriend.

The next important factor is that they see you. This is tricky because if you make it obvious, it won't have the same affect. A great way to run into them is to go with friends to a party or a movie that you think they'll be at. If you get a summer job, try to get one some place popular where your ex may drop by occasionally. If you can't find a place that they're going to be, try to get your friends to pull some strings and get you guys together. Maybe you could all go shopping. Either way don't make it too obvious, and make sure there are other people around so you don't have to worry about talking to your ex directly.Once you get them there, the trick is to let them see you, but don't worry about trying to talk to them. If they start a conversation then you can talk politely, but soon move on. The one exception is some place where you will be spending a large amount of time, like a party. Try to just talk to your friends and seem like you don't care one way or the other if your ex is talking to you. Remember the new friend scenario I mentioned in step one.This works wonders if you haven't seen your ex in a while because the shock of seeing you again will bring those butterflies back to them.

By now, if your ex is truly interested, they will have made at least some sort of minimal contact with you. The last step is to make sure this contact continues. Keep putting yourself out there where they will notice you, but not to often. They only need to see you once every few weeks or so. Once every month or two could even be enough. You want to be on their mind, but seem to not be available. Once contact has gotten stronger, then you can proceed to start a conversation yourself with your ex. Keep it short and sweet. Then let them start the next few conversations before starting another on your own.

Now that you have followed these three steps, you will know if you have a chance with them or not. If they are responding to your contact with them, then go for it! Casually mention that it might be fun to hang out some time. A double date or group date is a great way to keep the tension out. Don't worry about calling it a date at first. Just let them believe you're hanging out as friends.If your ex doesn't take the bait it will be heartbreaking, but remember that if they don't care enough about you to take you back, then they're not worth it. Take care of yourself and begin the process of moving on.