How to Apologize to Your Boyfriend

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When couples argue, it is difficult to take things back once they are out in the open. Flirting with another man, missing a date or not showing up on time can cause problems in the relationship. Apologizing to your boyfriend can be a tricky ordeal. However, you can try to mend the relationship by showing exactly how much you care about your significant other.

Call your boyfriend on the telephone. Explain to him that words were said the other day that hurt both of you. You will need to let him know how much he means to you and how much fun you have together. Invite him over for a long conversation. When he arrives, have flowers and drinks available. Then sit down and talk out your problems. Communication is the key to a solid relationship.

Make your boyfriend laugh. All couples have an ongoing joke or humorous anecdote. Use this to your advantage when you want to apologize to your boyfriend. Perhaps you ran out of gas on a date, or maybe you locked yourself out of the house and you had to call him so he could climb through the window for you. Remind your boyfriend of these great times with a gas can and a note or a key to your heart.

Invite him to your favorite restaurant. Have a drink and just say that you are sorry for things getting out of hand. Explain to him that you did not mean the words or actions that happened. Tell your boyfriend that you were in the moment and it should not have happened. You truly care for him and miss him. Pay for the drinks and dinner.

Send your boyfriend flowers, balloons or a singing telegram. Kindness and humor go a long way. You can show that you are truly sorry with a nice gift and a cute note. Ask him to forgive you and tell him you really wish things would get back to normal.