Almond Oil Cooking Substitution

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Since heat will destroy the delicate, nutty flavor of almond oil, it's most often used in cold dishes, such as drizzled over salad. However, its high smoke point of around 495 degrees Fahrenheit means it can be used for sauteing, baking and frying, as long as you don't mind losing some of its flavor. Several other oils can be used in its place if you don't have any on hand.

Potential Substitutes

To replicate almond oil's complex, nutty flavor in a cold dish or a dressing, use a different nut oil, such as hazelnut or walnut oil. Extra-virgin olive oil is another possible substitute for drizzling over cold dishes, since it has rich and fruity notes that work well in this kind of application, even if it doesn't taste quite the same as almond oil. If you're using almond oil for its high smoke point, try substituting avocado or sunflower oil, which have smoke points of 510 F and 460 F, respectively.