How to Address a Letter Properly

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In order to process mail quickly, the United States Postal Service requires all mail to be addressed in a standard format. This format allows automated scanners to direct mail correctly. Use the standard format to ensure your mail reaches its destination as quickly as possible.

Write the destination address in the center of the envelope in capital letters. On the first line, write the name of the person or company you are sending the letter to. Write the street address on the second line. Write the town or city, the state and the zip code on the third line. Your destination address should look like this: Recipient's First and Last Name 777 Somewhere Road Somewhere, IN 63636

Add the full name of the country you are sending the letter to if you are sending international mail. Write the country on the fourth line: Recipient's First and Last Name 777 Somewhere Road Somewhere, AB T3Y 6F7 Canada

Write the return address in the top left corner of the envelope. Use the same format. The return address should look like this: Your First Name and Last Name 777 Nowhere Road Nowhere, IN 63636 If you are sending a letter to a foreign country, you will need to write "USA" right under the third line. This is the return address. If anything goes wrong, the letter will be returned to the address listed.

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