8 Ways to Perk Up Your Morning Coffee



It may be centuries old, but that doesn't mean that coffee can't be exciting. Whether the beans are ground course or powdery, and then pressed, dripped or percolated, coffee isn't that average cup of Joe anymore. It can offer a wonderful foundation for a tasty beverage, whether it is steaming hot or frosty cold.

From the Tree to the Cup

Coffee beans have been picked, roasted, ground and boiled for hundreds of years. One of the fun things about coffee is how you choose to brew it. It can even be boiled, a method still used today in Turkey and the Middle East. Brews have evolved from that to the percolator, electronic drips and the fancy French presses, making today's options nearly endless for that special brew.

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One Lump or Two, With Cream

Coffee isn't just your basic black anymore. It is quite the willing recipient of lots of tasty ingredients: pure cane or sugar in the raw; artificial sweeteners; whole, soy, almond or rice milks; and cream or half-and-half. It beckons you to have some fun with it.


Irish Eyes Smiling Yet?

The Irish have always had a way of making drinking anything fun, and that means coffee, too. Whether you need something warm or something fun and tasty, adding a little Irish whiskey and some Irish cream to your cup or fancy glass might just make the leprechaun in you want to dance a little jig or two, at any time of the day.


Coffee as Dessert

Sometimes what tops off the coffee is just as tasty, if not more, than what goes inside. A good cafe mocha chocolate coffee drink topped with some real whipping cream and chocolate sauce or shavings might be just the right finish to that special breakfast entree. Or, why wait? Who says dessert can't come first, or in the morning?


Foamy and Frothy or Creamy

Cappuccinos, macchiatos, espressos, oh my! With these, it can be all about the milk and how much you want inside. A latte, for example, is a great morning fill-up because it has more milk and espresso in it than a cappuccino, which can be great after dinner. Once you decide the drink, top it off with foam, frothy or thick, or creamy steamed milk.


Ice It, Top It, Drink It

Tired of that same pot of coffee? Throw in some ice cubes and milk, shake it up and serve. Or, for those hot, sluggish summer days, toss that mixture into the blender along with some caramel or chocolate for a sweet, icy treat. And don't forget the whipped cream on top for a great wake-up call.


Fancy, Sweet and Tasty

Sweetened, condensed milk: three beautiful words that, when added to iced coffee, can be so very nice. The Southeastern Asian treat is incredibly sweet, but also very strong because it is usually made with chicory. Although traditional Vietnamese coffee is made in a press, virtually any brewing method will do, as long as you use those key ingredients.


Dunk It, Stir It

Who needs a spoon when you can choose among several flavors of biscotti to provide a tasty stir in your morning cup of java. Dunk it until it softens for a not-so-crunchy breakfast treat, while it leaves behind some sweetness in your cup.