How to Soak Cube Steak in Milk

by Natalie Smith

Cube steak, also known as minute steak, is a tough but flavorful cut of meat that can come from almost any area on the cow. Cube steak is a catch-all label given to the leftovers that aren't high quality enough to sell as other cuts of beef. Don't let this deter you, however, as generations of Southerners have successfully fried cube steaks as chicken-fried steaks. The secret to tenderizing your cube steak is to soak it in a mixture made from milk and eggs.

Whisk together 2 eggs and the can of evaporated milk in a bowl.

Place the cube steaks in the milk and turn them to coat them in the mixture. The soaking time depends according to how tough the steaks are and how tender you would like them to be. Like a marinade, however, you will get best results by soaking the steaks for four hours or overnight.

Take the steaks out of the refrigerator and allow them to come to room temperature in the milk mixture. Allowing the steaks to warm up allows the milk to penetrate the meat more, which further tenderizes your steak.

Coat the steaks in your flour mixture and fry them as your recipe directs.


  • For even more tender steaks, place them between two sheets of waxed paper and pound them with a meat mallet before you soak them.

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