How to Score a Steak

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Steak is a favorite food of many people, and comes in many different cuts, thicknesses and textures. Some chefs like to score the surface of a steak before cooking, to help the absorption of marinades or prevent the steak from curling if cooked with high heat. Scoring a steak only takes a few seconds and is not difficult to do.

Lay your steak flat on a cutting board.

Hold your knife in one hand, and place the palm of your other hand on the steak to hold it in place.

Run your knife diagonally across the surface of the steak, from one edge to the other. Make the slices about ¼-inch deep, and space them roughly 1-inch apart.

Turn the steak over and score it on the other side. Marinate it or throw it in the pan or on the grill.