How to Marinate a Steak with Cola


Marinating a steak increases tenderness and improves flavor. Many people like to create their own marinades, and recommend ingredients such as cola products. These products dramatically increase the tenderness of a piece of meat, but their high sugar content can create a flavor that is too sweet for many meat lovers who like dessert after dinner. In this article, we will discuss how to marinate a steak with cola without turning the main dish into a sweet treat.

Stab the steak with the fork 20 times. This helps the marinade permeate the meat and give a fuller flavor after cooking.

Place the steaks in the freezer bag. After you finish the marinade you will marinate the steaks in this bag.

Combine the cola, oil, vinegar and garlic in the mixing bowl. Use the spoon to mix them together as much as possible. The vinegar and garlic will counteract the sugar in the cola.

Add salt and pepper to the marinade. If you are not sure how much to add, go lightly until you find out how you personally prefer the mix. If you want more salt or pepper later, you can add it before you eat the steak.

Pour enough marinade into the freezer bag to completely cover the steaks.You can put the leftover mixture into the mason jar if you have any remaining.


Seal the freezer bag. This will enable you to massage the marinade into the steaks or place them in the refrigerator without spilling.