How to Sear Cod Fish

by Brynne Chandler

Seared cod draped in cheese.

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Cod fish, according to "The New York Times,” was the first fish to be traded globally. Though the cod fish population has been severely depleted, it is still available in supermarkets and from fishmongers. One taste of fresh cod fish and you’ll understand why the firm and flaky flesh was so prized. Pan-searing cod fish gives it a delicately crisp outer skin with a moist and tender inside. When you sear cod fish – as when you cook any fish – timing is key, because overcooking will make it dry and tough.

Rinse your cod fish and blot it dry with paper towels.

Salt and pepper both sides of the fish.

Coat the very bottom of a skillet with olive oil and turn it on to medium-high. The oil is hot enough when you can just start to smell it.

Place the cod fish in the hot oil and sear it for two to three minutes.

Turn the cod fish carefully with tongs and cook it for another two to three minutes or until it is opaque all the way through and flakes easily when poked with a fork.


  • Squeeze fresh lemon over freshly-seared cod fish to add a bit of tang.

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