How to Cook Beef Teppanyaki

Igor Stramyk/Hemera/Getty Images

More a restaurant adventure than a specific recipe, beef teppanyaki has become famous for the experience of sitting gathering around a table-sized griddle while a chef prepares large amounts of beef, vegetables and other ingredients. To recreate the experience at home, set up electric griddles along counters or on one side of the dining table -- or simply stir-fry the ingredients on skillets at your stove. For authenticity's sake, don't use a Chinese wok -- teppanyaki translates to "stir-frying on a flat surface" in Japanese.

Whisk together equal parts soy sauce, citrus juice and stock or water. Divide this dipping sauce into separate bowls.

Prepare vegetables. Choices for chopped vegetables to cook with the beef include halved mushrooms, quartered bell peppers, peeled and thinly-sliced potatoes, unpeeled thinly-sliced Japanese eggplant, rinsed and drained baby corn, peeled carrots cut into thick sticks, sliced scallions and broccoli broken into florets. Set the raw vegetables on a decorative platter, if cooking for a crowd.

Slice the steak thinly and place it on a separate platter.

Spray two skillets or a large griddle with cooking spray, or spread a small amount of vegetable oil across the cooking surface. Turn the heat to high.

Add the steak and mixed vegetables to the heat with a spatula or chopsticks. Cook the beef and mixed vegetables side by side on a large griddle, or put steak and vegetables in separate pans.

Press the ingredients against the cooking surface. Cook for at least 5 minutes, flipping once mid-way. Add oil to the skillets or griddle if the food begins sticking.

Remove the food from the heat source. The vegetables should be crisp-tender and the steak browned on the outside surface, with a light pink center.

Serve the beef teppanyaki with cooked rice and shakers of seven-spice mixture, if desired. Set down individual bowls of dipping sauce and accompanying fresh pieces of ginger, scallions or daikon.