Cooking Time for Pan Fried Pork Chop

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Succulent, pan-fried pork chops are high on the list of America's favorite comfort foods. Pan-fried pork chops are a fast meal, which has added to their popularity; they only take about 10 minutes to cook. Unfortunately, like many comfort foods, pork chops that are cooked in this manner are not good for you. One pan-fried pork chop has 391 calories and more than 16 g of fat. As a result, these pork chops should be enjoyed infrequently or for special occasions only.

Heat the oil over high heat in your skillet.

Add the pork chops and cook for five minutes on each side.

Remove the pork chops from the oil, and insert the meat thermometer in the center of a pork chop, away from any bones. The temperature should be 160 degrees F. If the pork chop is under 160 degrees F, return it to the oil and cook it for one more minute. Take the temperature again and repeat the process until the pork chop has completely cooked.