Tips for Grilling Steak With A1 Sauce

Bold and zesty, the A1 brand offers a line of sauces from "Classic" to "Supreme Garlic" to even "Teriyaki Ginger," which are all aimed at adding flavor to any cut of steak. Produced by Kraft Foods, A1 steak sauce can be used during the marinating process before cooking or basted on top as the food sizzles on the barbecue.


A1 recommends marinating a serving size of steak with about one-half cup of sauce before cooking it on the grill. Place the steak in an airtight container or sealable plastic bag and pour in the sauce. Seal over or cover and gently shake the contents so that the beef becomes well coated. Place the steak in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Allowing the beef to marinate for longer will intensify the flavor once it hits the grill.


While basting with A1 steak sauce would seem to add flavor, it can actually take away some flavor if done at the wrong time. Save basting until just after your steak has flipped on the grill. At this time a hard crust has formed on top and the surface is still hot and bubbly. Otherwise if you baste and then flip the steak, the sauce will either fall to the bottom of the grill or burn leaving an unpleasant taste.

Steak Burgers

If you're the kind of chef that grinds steak into burgers, A1 sauce can add some serious flavor. However, instead of basting the sauce as the steak burgers cook, or simply applying it after as a condiment, work the sauce into the ground meat mixture as you form the patties. Use one-quarter cup of your favorite A1 sauce for every 1 lb. of ground meat and grill the steak burgers as you normally would on the barbecue.

Separate Sauce

When using A1 sauce or marinades while grilling, make sure you separate the liquids you use before, during and after the cooking process. For example, the sauces used to marinade the steak should be discarded when it hits the grill. Next, keep a separate supply of sauce for basting. Finally, keep a third portion of A1 sauce for dipping after the steak is cooked. This will help you avoid foodborne illnesses from cross-contamination during the cooking process.


Some people like to form a sugary glaze on the outside of their steak when cooking over long periods of time. For this to occur, the A1 sauce must be applied, then allowed to harden and then reapplied until the desired amount of glaze is reached. While exact cooking times will vary based upon the recipe and cut of steak you're glazing, make sure you apply the A1 sauce in an even amount to get the crisp, sugary coating on the outside of the meat.