Why Do Football Players Shave Their Chests?

Marili Forastieri/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Football players spend long hours in the gym building their bodies to excel on the gridiron, but many players also practice grooming habits that aren't necessarily related to performance. Not every football player shaves his chest, but you don't have to look far in a football team's locker room to see a pair of bare pecs.

Reasons Aren't Related to Performance

Many football players have strong, impressive-looking physiques, and shaving their chest hair can help their muscles appear more visible. Excess chest hair can mask the shape of a defined set of pectoral muscles. It's no secret that football players sweat profusely during games, and body odor can often be more prevalent around hair. Removing the hair can eliminate some of the smell that might otherwise be tough to wash off after the game. Football players often wear elasticized shirts beneath their shoulder pads, and the tight clothing can pull at body hair and be uncomfortable. Finally, some players shave their chest hair because of a personal preference or the preference of a partner.