Calories in a Grilled Cheese & Ham Sandwich

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When making your own grilled cheese and ham, choose low-calorie condiments such as low-fat mayonnaise and mustard, and use lean meats and low-fat cheese. When eating a sandwich from a deli or fast food store, consider the portion size and, if necessary, save the other half for later.


An average grilled cheese and ham sandwich contains about 310 calories, notes the My Fitness Pal website.


One grilled cheese and ham sandwich contains 28 g of fat, 46 mg of cholesterol, 1,127 mg of sodium, 22 g of protein, 5 g of sugars, 5 g of dietary fiber and 26 g of carbohydrates, according to My Fitness Pal. The ham and bread provide the minerals calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and selenium. Vitamins include vitamins C, A and E, as well as niacin and folate, notes the USDA.


The recommended daily value for fat is 65 g, of which a grilled cheese and ham supplies almost half. To lessen the calorie content in your grilled sandwich, only butter the outside of the bread, and garnish the inside with a low-fat spread or condiment. Or use a low-fat margarine instead.