Facts on Cocoa Butter

Cacao Beans

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Made from Chocolate, Not Coconuts

Does this surprise you? Many people confuse cocoa butter with coconut oil. The misconception occurs because companies often mix cocoa butter with coconut to create a tropical smell for tanning oils or lotions. Cocoa butter resists oxidation and takes years to spoil. To get the cocoa butter, manufacturers crush cooked cocoa beans and collect the fat that squeezes out. Chocolate makers use cocoa butter to form chocolate bars. While warm, ingredients blend with the cocoa butter and solidify as the cocoa butter returns to room temperature.

Smooth Away Stretch Marks

Cocoa butter leaves the skin smooth and supple, which helps it stretch as your belly grows during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks. It also helps relieve the itching some women experience during pregnancy. Losing or gaining weight quickly also causes stretch marks. Using cocoa butter doesn't guarantee you won't get stretch marks, but it may reduce their appearance. If stretch marks do develop, rub cocoa butter in a circular direction across the stretch marks to improve the look of the skin. Studies have not proven whether cocoa butter helps dissolve scars.

Melts in Your Hand

Cocoa butter is the cream-colored fat from the cocoa bean. While it is one of the most stable fats, it melts at body temperature. The skin easily absorbs the oil, which helps treat eczema or other skin conditions like dermatitis. Cocoa butter moisturizes the skin by itself and also adds smooth texture to lotions or oils. Using cocoa butter to massage the skin promotes relaxation, relieves stress and boosts the immune system. The melting point of coca butter is also what allows chocolate to melt in your mouth.

Fight Diseases With Cocoa Butter

Can cocoa butter prevent cancer? Cocoa butter contains cocoa mass polyphenol (CMP), which studies show inhibit the growth of cancer cells. CMP also helps suppress T-cells, may reduce the risk of heart disease and may relieve arthritis pain. Scientists suspect that overactive T-cells cause psoriasis and fibromyalgia. Chocolate also retains CMP and helps fight disease internally. Along with CMP, cocoa butter and chocolate contain high levels of antioxidants, which help fight free radicals.

Lift Years From Your Face

Research indicates that the vitamin E and antioxidants found in cocoa butter help remove wrinkles. Smoothing cocoa butter on problem areas helps smooth the skin, which provides a younger appearance. The cocoa butter also works as a moisturizer and toner to improve skin appearance. Pure cocoa butter won't leave your face greasy or block pores, which causes pimples.