The Calories in a Whoopie Pie

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Whoopie pies have long been a staple dessert in New England. Approximately the size of a hamburger, they are made of chocolate cake and a sweet creamy filling. Whoopie pies should not be confused with moon pies, which are made of graham crackers and are covered with chocolate.


A whoopie pie provides 679 calories--about a third of the daily calories that many adults require. This is due to the high amount of carbohydrates and fat that whoopie pies contain.


According to "Eating Well" magazine's website, one whoopie pie contains 36 g of fat, 9 of which are saturated. Many whoopie pies also contain trans fats. To determine if the whoopie pie you are eating contains trans fats, look for the words "hydrogenated oil" on the label.


If you make a whoopie pie using a traditional recipe, you'll use plenty of butter, sugar and marshmallow cream. While you'll never be able to transform a whoopie pie into a healthy food, you can make them smaller, replace white flour with whole wheat pastry flour and saturated fat with canola oil and yogurt.