Ingredients in Post Grape Nuts Cereal

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Post Grape-Nuts have been around since the 1800's -- and there are neither grapes nor nuts included in the recipe. In fact, a 2009 article in "The Wall Street Journal" poked fun at the early dietary claims made by Postum Cereals about this rather unusual concoction that became the seventh-biggest selling cold cereal in America. As one employee at the factory where Grape-Nuts is made puts it, a grape nut is "bread."

Whole Grains

The basis for Grape-Nuts is flour. According to "The Wall Street Journal," that includes flour from both red and white wheat. Add malted barley flour to the wheat and you have nearly everything it takes to make the nuggets. According to the Post website, one serving contains more than 100 percent of a body's recommended daily allowance of whole grains.

Sweet and Savory

Maltose, from the barley flour, is the only sugar in Grape-Nuts. Salt and yeast are added in the process, presumably for flavor.

Vitamins and Minerals

The rest of Grape-Nuts' nutrition comes from the added fortification of iron, B-vitamins, zinc, vitamins A and D, and folic acid. More trace elements that are put in the mix include phosphorus, magnesium and copper.

No Mystery Ingredients

Grape-Nuts may not have anything to do with grapes or nuts, but the company's claim that it's 100-percent natural is backed up by the cereal's ingredients list. There isn't a single ingredient in Grape-Nuts that is hard to spell or pronounce.