Weight Watchers Sandwich Ideas

by Kristen Fisher ; Updated July 18, 2017

Sandwiches are a great meal option for people using Weight Watchers.

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Sandwiches are a lunchtime staple, and with so many variations to choose from, it’s easy to create a quick meal that’s delicious, satisfying and helps to keep you within your daily Weight Watchers point allowance. Making simple swaps and scaling back on high-calorie ingredients can cut your sandwich’s point value in half without compromising flavor or satisfaction.


To make the most of your Weight Watchers points, always choose whole-grain bread over white bread; the higher fiber content brings down the point value. Try to choose thin slices of bread whenever possible to keep calories under control. And while whole-wheat bread is an excellent sandwich staple, stuffing your sandwich ingredients into more creative bread options like a whole-grain English muffin, pita pocket or even a tortilla adds variety to an ordinary sandwich.


Mayonnaise and other spreads add flavor and moisture to sandwiches, but they also add unnecessary points. Fat-free mayo is a good choice, but many people find the taste unappealing. Instead, opt for vegetable- or bean-based spreads that are low in calories but provide belly-filling fiber. Try hummus, homemade black-bean dip or a ripe avocado. Or spread your sandwich with mustard, which is naturally low in calories and can be found in flavors like chipotle, spicy brown and jalapeno.


Eating plenty of vegetables is an important goal for anyone following the Weight Watchers program, since these fiber-rich foods help you fill up for little to no points. Vegetables are also an easy way make sandwiches more flavorful and moist while keeping their point values down. Use standbys like tomatoes, onion and lettuce, but don’t be afraid to try something new, like bell peppers for a juicy crunch, hot peppers for a spicy kick, an avocado slice for a creamy treat or grilled portobello mushrooms for a healthy alternative to meat.


Herbs and spices are one of the most underutilized ingredients when it comes to whipping up healthy and flavor-rich meals. Fresh basil leaves transform tomatoes and low-fat mozzarella cheese into an Italian delight when placed on a slice of crusty bread, and spices like curry powder and mustard powder can be mixed with fat-free mayo or plain yogurt to make a creamy chicken or tuna salad without the extra calories.


Lean meats like turkey and chicken breast may not be the most creative sandwich stuffers, but low-fat poultry is filling and low in Weight Watchers points, making it a great base for sandwiches. However, if this sandwich staple has lost its appeal, there are plenty of low-point alternatives. Try grilled salmon, turkey meatballs tossed with marinara sauce, grilled eggplant and portobello mushrooms with a slice of low-fat cheese, or lean cuts of beef like flank steak or roast beef with horseradish spread.

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