Products to Remove Bumps on the Scalp

JackF/iStock/Getty Images

While treating the skin on your face and body may be second nature, it can be easy to forget about your scalp. Daily shampoos and conditioners leave hair cleansed, but are often not enough for the skin beneath it. Excess product or oil buildup can cause bumps to appear on the scalp, particularly for those with acne-prone skin. Finding products that look after the hair and scalp is key to avoid leaving one in poor condition while the other thrives. Revamp your haircare routine to soothe and heal bumps on your scalp.

Wet your hair with warm water and massage a zinc-based shampoo into your scalp. A quarter-size amount is suitable for shoulder-length hair. Zinc shampoos remove the buildup that could be contributing to pimples and bumps on the scalp. Use this once a week, alternating with a silicone-free shampoo that will gently cleanse the hair without leaving buildup behind.

Add three spoonfuls of sugar to a quarter-size amount of silicone-free shampoo, and gently massage it into your scalp. This will exfoliate your scalp to soften skin and remove scabbing. Exfoliate every two weeks to avoid over-drying.

Apply a noncomedogenic hair mask to your hair from roots to tips; leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing completely. The scalp requires moisture in order to stay hydrated and to prevent it from overproducing oil on its own. Look for a fragrance-free noncomedogenic product that won't clog your pores. Apply the mask once a week, alternating with a noncomedogenic lightweight conditioner.

Smooth a dime-size amount of argan oil through the bottom 3 inches of your hair. Use a wide-tooth comb to comb your hair from roots to ends to distribute the oil to your scalp and down the hair shaft. Natural oils are nourishing to the hair and scalp, helping to calm inflammation and prevent bumps due to dryness. Cream-based leave-in products often leave behind a thick residue that can irritate the skin; oil is a hydrating alternative.