Main Ingredients of English Muffins

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The English muffin originated in Victorian England as a food for the servants in wealthy households. These so-called muffins were made from leftover bread dough, leftover biscuit dough and mashed potatoes. The tasty treat quickly emerged as a teatime snack all over England and eventually to many other areas of the world. To make them at home, lists a well-liked recipe for "Traditional English Muffins" using basic baking ingredients.


The main ingredient of English muffins is flour. In addition to flour, some commercial brands of muffins contains farina, a cereal grain usually derived from wheat. Water is added to the flour to start the dough. Additional flavor in the muffins comes from salt.

Sugars and Yeast

As a leavening agent, yeast is a key ingredient in English muffins. Sugar aids the leavening process and gives the muffins a bit of sweetness. Several English muffin recipes also call for honey.


Eggs have a number of roles in baking. In addition to providing moisture, eggs add fat, which helps tenderize the baked good. Eggs also help in the emulsification process, which is the mixing of oils and water.