Products to Remove Hair Color

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When you've colored your hair at home or had a stylist color it in-salon, the color may not always turn out as you'd hoped. Instead of panicking, color correctors can be employed to remove hair color and bring you back to your natural hue. While most stylists will agree that color correction should be done by a professional, the products used in the salon and at home to remove hair color are basically the same.

Ion Color Brilliance Color Corrector

Purchased at beauty supply stores, Ion Color Brilliance Color Corrector uses a nonbleach formula to gently remove slight color problems for the hair. Best if you want to change the shade of the dye rather than strip it completely, the Ion Color Brilliance Color Corrector uses sodium formaldehyde sulfoxate to gently fade the color so it's not so jarring. It received a four-star rating on the Sally Beauty Supply website.

Vanish Color Correction

Vanish Color Correction is a staple in salons around the country. Instead of using bleach or ammonia to dilute the hair color, it reverses the oxidization dyed hair, notes the Vanish website. Because of this, hair can be re-dyed in the same day to achieve the color results that you originally wanted, which makes it a favorite of stylists and colorists.

Developlus Color Oops Hair Color Remover

Total Beauty website users gave Developlus Color Oops Hair Color Remover a 7.7 rating for effectiveness. The Cosmetic Database warns against some of the ingredients used in Developlus Color Oops Hair Color Remover, including polysorbate-80 and hydroxyethylcellulose, but when used correctly in a well-ventilated area and for the time specified in the directions, it can effectively remove a color mishap from your hair.

L'Oreal Colorist Secrets Haircolor Remover

L'Oreal Colorist Secrets Haircolor Remover uses ammonium chloride to strip the color from your hair, which may make it effective but could also be damaging to your already-processed strands. The L'Oreal Paris website offers a Customer Hotline at 1-800-535-3457, where you can call and talk to color specialists who can talk you through the process of using L'Oreal Colorist Secrets Haircolor Remover and how to achieve the best results so you can start with your natural color again.

Effasol Foaming Color Remover

Rather than covering your head and allowing the chemicals to sit on your hair and remove the color, Effasol Foaming Color Remover comes in convenient packets. They foam and can be applied to the areas of uneven color to help balance your look. Best for a dye job that is splotchy or uneven, it can help give you better results for a seamless look without removing all traces of color from your hair.