Can Any Home Remedies Help Hair Volume?

Alliance/iStock/Getty Images

If your hair is lifeless and limp, you can add some much-needed volume to it at home. While your tresses may be naturally thin and wiry, you can use home remedies to transform your old, limp hair into a more bouncy, voluminous hairstyle.

Blow Dry

Blow drying your hair properly may add volume and style to it, according to "Marie Claire." The magazine does not recommend flipping the hair upside-down to blow dry it, because although it will add some body to the hair, it does not add height to the roots. Instead, lift sections of your hair up in the air while you are blow drying to lift up the roots and add extra volume.

Short Cut

If you have particularly fine or limp hair, you may have difficulty adding volume to it. In fact, your hair may look heavy and pull straight down from the roots. Getting a short haircut may help add more volume, if your hair is on the thin side, says Elizabeth Hartley, a contributor to the book "The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Women." Removing weight from your hair may help it look more bouncy and healthy.

Shampoo Less

Although you may shampoo when your limp hair needs a pick-me-up, shampooing may actually make it droop even more. If you wash your hair every day, condition it first; but avoid the roots. Leave the conditioner in your hair for several minutes, then lather up your scalp with shampoo. Rinse your entire head to add body to your roots without compromising shine and volume at the ends.