How to Fix a Scratched Golf Club Driver

Golf ball behind driver at driving range

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Recreational golfers can quickly nick up an expensive driver. Lacking practice and employing inconsistent swings, the occasional player can leave a "sky mark" scratch on the crown of a driver head, which happens when the teed-up ball strikes the club at just above the top edge of the face, sending the ball soaring. Rattling clubs in a golf bag can scratch up a driver missing a head cover, as well. If the scratches aren't too deep, you can remove the reminders of poor shots or club care yourself.

Crown Scratches

Clean the entire club head with the stiff plastic brush and soapy water, applying extra vigor to any scratched areas. Dry the club head with a clean, soft towel.

Mask around the scratch with tape, leaving 1/8 inch uncovered around the scratch. Shake your club head paint bottle to mix the paint thoroughly. In one direction, brush on a thin coat of paint to cover the unmasked area. If the scratch is deep, let the first coat dry and apply a second, thin coat.

Soak the 600-grit sandpaper for 15 minutes, then smooth out the dried paint in one direction. Dry the club head with a towel, remove the masking tape and rub it down with the soft polishing towel.

Let the paint cure for two days. Apply one coat of car polish and buff to a shine.

Unpainted Sole Scratches

Clean the sole of the club vigorously with the plastic brush and soapy water. Dry the club head with a towel.

Mask off the side of the club head with tape to prevent accidental blemishes to other areas of the club.

Soak the 220-grit sandpaper for 15 minutes, then buff out small scratches throughout the sole plate, working in one direction. For heavier scratches, use a rotary tool with a sanding attachment, applying light pressure, also working in one direction. Follow up with the wet 400-grip sandpaper.

Rub the club down with the clean, soft towel. Refresh any painted markings on the sole with the model paint. Let the model paint dry for a day, and remove the masking tape.