Review of Nair Hair Removal for Men

by Elizabeth Streeter ; Updated July 18, 2017

Nair for Men removes hair on the back, chest and arms.

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If you are a man who likes a clean-shaven body but hates razors, Nair makes hair-removing depilatories just for you. Designed for thick and coarse hair, Nair for Men removes hair without leaving cuts and bumps behind.


The Nair for Men line consists of three products: Nair for Men Speed Cream, Nair for Men Spray and Nair for Men Body Cream. According to Nair, each bottle lasts between two and four uses.


Nair for Men is ideal for removing hair from the back, chest, legs and arms. Application times are four minutes for the spray, three minutes for the speed cream and eight minutes for the body cream.


All Nair for Men products have been clinically tested by board-certified dermatologists. Nair, however, suggests that only those over the age of 12 use their products. You should also avoid applying these products on sensitive areas such as the nipples, face and genital areas.


Nair for Men Speed Cream retails for $8.50, Nair for Men Cream retails for $6.95 and Nair for Men Spray retails for $8.00.


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