Use of Sandalwood for Scar Treatments

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Because acne scarring or old skin injuries can be a source of cosmetic concern, many people look for natural scar treatments. Sandalwood, utilized as an ingredient in perfumes and incense, also has cosmetic and medicinal uses in traditional Indian medicine. Because it purportedly has wound-healing properties, sandalwood oil and paste have a history of use as treatments for skin problems, such as scars, claims the website Organic Facts. Although, there is insufficient evidence of sandalwood’s efficacy as treatment for this skin condition, you can make sandalwood treatments at home that may help to minimize the appearance of scars.

Sandalwood Oil Treatment for Chicken Pox Scars

Pour the carrier and the sandalwood oils into a container and blend them well with the spoon. It is important to dilute pure essential oils with base or carrier oils, such as sweet almond oil or grapeseed oil. Using undiluted essential oils can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions in some people. Sandalwood oil is an Ayurvedic remedy used to treat chicken pox rash, suggests However, it is important to seek a doctor's advice before self-treating or using any home treatment for this or any other medical condition.

Apply the blended oils with the cotton ball to affected skin areas when the rash that is commonly associated with chicken pox first appears.

Continue the daily application of sandalwood oil until the scabs heal and fall away. This treatment may help to minimizing the scarring effects associated with this condition, suggests the website

Sandalwood Treatment for Acne Scars

Combine the sandalwood and black gram powders in a plastic container and mix with the spoon. Add a small amount of rose water to theses ingredients, mix them with the spoon and continue to add in more drops of the rose water until you have a paste-like consistency similar to toothpaste. This treatment may be beneficial for many types of scars, but it can be especially effective for acne scars, suggests the website

Apply the sandalwood treatment to the scars and let it remain on the affected areas for at least 15 minutes. Rinse off the paste with cool water and dry the areas with a towel. You also may opt to leave the treatment on overnight and remove it in the morning.

Repeat the application of the sandalwood treatment as necessary to minimize the scar or until there is noticeable improvement. Alternately, you may also use sandalwood and black gram pastes instead of powders for this home remedy. Note that there are variations of this scar treatment, and you can choose to omit the black gram powder in this home remedy.