Nisim FAST Hair Grow Shampoo Review

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In addition to its lineup of herbal Biofactors shampoo, Kalo hair-growth inhibitors, styling products and conditioners, the Canadian Nisim International offers FAST -- or Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy -- shampoo. This shampoo focuses on hair growth, encouraging “maximum growth in minimum time,” according to its manufacturer. Before lathering up with FAST shampoo, make an educated and informed choice with plenty of product research.

The Basics

The FAST line of shampoos differentiates itself from other products with its foundation of vitamins and amino acids, which are essential to the structure of hair. Nisim positions these shampoos as a sort of “multivitamin” for the hair, claiming that the addition of amino acids -- some of which are not naturally produced by your body -- to your hair-care regimen bolsters growth. According to the manufacturer, company-sponsored clinical trials conducted by Evalulab have shown in some cases growth up to 99 percent faster than normal; the average growth increase is between 17 and 30 percent when using FAST shampoo with its companion conditioner.

The Original Formula

Nisim's original formulation of FAST shampoo features amino acids, such as cystine, cysteine, methionine and B-vitamin complexes, as well as pH-adjusting citric acid. In addition to these active ingredients, FAST contains inactive components such as water, fragrance, color, preservatives and thickening and foaming ingredients and the conditioning agent glycol distearate. You use FAST shampoo just as you would any other, with a daily rinsing and lathering. Nisim recommends FAST shampoo for all hair types and ethnic backgrounds and says that the product is safe to use daily even on chemically treated hair.

Sans Sulfates

As its “No Sulfates, Parabens, DEA” label suggests, Nisim's alternative to the original FAST formula ditches ingredients like cocamide DEA and sodium laureth sulfate, which -- according to the Environmental Working Group -- may be moderately toxic or contaminated with toxic impurities. Despite these differences, this version of FAST still features the same amino-acid content as the original and bolsters its protein content with hydrolyzed wheat protein. Nisim says that, when used with FAST conditioner, sulfate-free FAST produces the same hair-growth results as the standard version.

More to Consider

FAST shampoos are not anti-hair-loss products; these shampoos aim to bolster the growth of healthy hair, but will not restore lost hair. Likewise, FAST only works for as long as you use it. Nisim notes that using FAST more than once daily will not produce more hair growth. In addition to serving scalp types including normal, oily and dry, Nisim says that FAST is safe to use for children's hair.