How to Use Shea Butter to Moisturize African American Hair

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Shea butter comes from the seed of the karite tree and is a natural source for vitamin A. It also offers a coating that holds in moisture to revitalize hair. African American hair offers special challenges. It has a thick core and as a result, tends to dry out. The key to any dry-hair situation, regardless of heritage, is moisture. Shea butter adds a touch of shine and fullness to hair as well as helps retain natural oil to reduce dryness.

Shampoo hair or just wet it. The website recommends that you not wash your hair more than once a week. If hair is overly dry, just wet it under the tap or use a spray bottle to saturate hair strands.

Scoop out between a dime- to a quarter-sized amount of shea butter. Rub the waxy compound between your hands to warm it.

Run your coated hands through your hair. Massage the butter into your scalp. Move your hands down the hair from roots to the tips.

Comb your hair to disperse the butter evenly throughout your hair. Leave the butter in place for 30 minutes to one hour.

Rinse your hair with cool water to remove the shea butter residue and then style your hair normally.